Greg Van Borssum

Once a failed school kid growing up in a neighbourhood nicknamed "Criminal Hill", Greg Van Borssum has used strength, determination and goal-setting to focus on his future in several disciplines. 

At 20, he won the heavyweight and overall Australian National Bodybuilding Championships, and from there, went on to represent Australia in the Mr. Universe competition in Italy. He placed sixth out of 120 competitors.

Trained in martial arts, he used his skills with actors on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road, designing all the fight sequences and gunfighting scenes. He has also worked on the production of the Happy Feet movie.

Overcoming his own personal challenges led him to work with suicide prevention. He is currently an ambassador for Lifeline, Suicide Prevention Australia and Mates In Construction. 

Greg Van Borssum became an Accredited Speaker during a ceremony conducted by Toastmasters International in Colorado in September 2019. 

He was honoured for his work as a youth mental health speaker and service advocate through his suicide prevention charity and motivational speaking business, Mind Warriors Foundation.

Excerpts from Watching Greg van Borssum - Toastmasters International Magazine - article by Caren Schnur Neile, Ph.D., ATMS, CL

Through focussing on his future, Greg Van Borssum has reached remarkable levels of achievement. 

“I want to spread my story to help people overcome obstacles and grow like I did. I want to help them crush their fears, own them and rewire them into fuel for success.”

Hear Australia's first Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker at the District 73 Annual Conference 2020. Greg Van Borssum will be giving a keynote and workshops throughout the conference!

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