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Frequently Asked Questions

   Please check back for updates   

The location has been changed from Ballarat to Port Melbourne. Specific FAQs:

Do I have to register again now that there is a new location?

Yes, there is a registration link at the bottom of this page


Do I have to pay for the dinner on Saturday night?

Yes, there will be a fee for the dinner to cover the food costs. Registration is essential.

Does this change in the venue change the program agenda?

There is a minor change to the DTM Awards which will now be on Sunday. The Program page has been updated.


Can I attend the workshops in person?

Yes, as the workshops will be conducted in Hybrid Format.

General FAQs:

Do I have to be a Toastmaster to attend?

No, anyone is able to attend this event if they have registered online for the weekend.

When is the last day I can register?

Registrations will close at midnight on 18th May due to catering requirements.

If I am a speech contest contestant, are there any other requirements for me?

Yes, you must either attend in person or be at a location by yourself on your own device.

Who should I contact as a contestant?

Any questions about the contests, please email our District Contest Coordinator - Sue Pederick PDD, DTM

Why has the format of the conference changed?

"Change is the only constant in life." - Heraclitus.

Can a club help with financial support of a member who's competing?

Yes, a club is able to fundraise specifically to support a member.

TryBooking is giving me an error when trying to book my conference ticket - what can I do?

Up-to-date browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari) on a device including desktops, laptops, tablets are recommended - to learn more Click Here about compatibility.

What should I do if I've registered and am no longer able to make it?

Please email to let us know

You Have Questions?

Please continue to check back to this page regularly and feel free to email us with anything you need clarification on.

What about accommodation for the weekend?

We suggest these options nearby:

Oakwood Premier Melbourne

AC Hotel by Marriott

Port Melbourne Hotels


Port Melbourne Houses

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